How to Get Your Florida CNA License For Cheap in 30 Days!

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There are many reasons why you are considering getting your Florida CNA license. Maybe you’re seeking experience to get into a nursing program. Maybe you’re looking for a career change that allows you to do what you love and care for people. Either way getting your Florida CNA license is a great decision with lots of benefits and opportunities to grow. Learn how to get your Florida CNA license the fast and affordable way. Follow these steps and you’ll be caring for people in no time!

You Need to Meet the Florida CNA License Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old, no high school diploma is required.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • All candidates must be able to pass a level 2 background check.
How to Get Your Florida CNA License For Cheap in 30 Days!

Prepare for the Florida CNA License Exam

The fastest and most affordable way to get your Florida CNA license is to challenge the Florida CNA Test. Unlike most of the country, the state of Florida will allow you to obtain your CNA license by simply “challenging” the state exam. What does this mean you might ask? In the state of Florida, you are not required to attend an approved or accredited training program to become a CNA, prior to taking the CNA Exam. Surprising right? You can verify this information on the Florida Board of Nursing’s Website.

In the state of Florida, there are many CNA Test Prep Classes available to prepare you to pass the Florida CNA Test. These classes are usually fast and very affordable.

Most CNA Test Prep Classes can be completed within a few days or a couple of weeks. Many offer flexible scheduling options for Morning CNA Classes, Evening CNA Classes, or Weekend CNA Classes. The CNA Test Prep Classes usually focus on both the clinical and written skills of the Florida Prometric CNA Test.

Prices for CNA Test Prep Classes vary from $250 – $400. To find a CNA Test Prep Class near you, simply search on Google, “CNA Test Prep Classes near me or CNA Classes Near Me.” You may also try including the city, for example: “CNA Test Prep Classes in Sarasota, FL” or “CNA Classes in Sarasota, FL.”

How to Get Your Florida CNA License For Cheap in 30 Days!

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Register for the Florida CNA Test

When you are ready to sign up for the Florida CNA Test, you will register with Prometric. You can register for the CNA test online or submit a paper application. Payment is due when you register for the CNA test.

Currently, the cost of the Florida CNA Test for first-time test takers is $155.00. This includes both the written exam and the clinical skills exam. You are required to pass both exams to receive your Florida CNA license.

How to Get Your Florida CNA License For Cheap in 30 Days!

When completing the application, you will be asked about your training route. If you’re challenging the test, remember to choose the E3 challenger training route on the application. You can choose your testing site, as Prometric has many testing sites throughout Florida.

How to Get Your Florida CNA License For Cheap in 30 Days!

After registering for the exam, Prometric will verify that you have a level 2 background check and are deemed eligible. If you don’t have a level 2 background check, you need to make an appointment with a livescan vendor to get one. You can search for livescan vendors in your area on a search engine to book an appointment. If you don’t know if you have a level 2 background check contact the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration’s (AHCA) Background Screening Unit.

After Prometric, gets the background results you will be assigned a test date. It can take about 3 – 4 weeks to be assigned a test date. If you can’t make the test date given, you will have to reschedule.

Once approved, you will receive an email with an admission letter to get into the testing site. An admissions letter is required to enter your testing site, along with government-issued identification. If your information does not match your admissions letter you can be turned away from the test site. So, make sure your name and address match your ID when registering for the test.

How to Get Your Florida CNA License For Cheap in 30 Days!

Take the Florida CNA Test

On test day, you should arrive at least 30 minutes early. It is recommended that you wear scrubs and closed-toe shoes to the test site. If you have long hair you should tie it up, avoid wearing jewelry, and avoid long nails.

To enter the test site, you will need the admissions letter and 2 forms of government identification.

The Florida CNA written exam is conducted on a computer, consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and you will have 90 minutes to complete it.

The Florida CNA clinical skills exam requires a demonstration of 5 clinical skills, you will have 31-40 minutes to complete it. The clinical skills for the CNA test are assigned randomly by a computer on test day. Therefore, the time allowed to complete the exam will be determined by the clinical skills you are assigned. You are assigned a partner to play the role of the resident for certain skills. Other skills will be performed on a manikin. To pass the clinical skills exam, you must pass all five skills.

You are required to pass both exams to receive your Florida CNA license.

How to Get Your Florida CNA License For Cheap in 30 Days!

Learn More About The Florida CNA Test.

Get Your Florida CNA License

At the end of your exam, you will know if you passed or failed. If you pass you, will be listed on the Florida Nursing Assistant Registry and will receive your Florida CNA license in the mail within 30 business days.  If you fail, you must pay the appropriate test fees to reattempt the exam. However, if you fail the Florida CNA Test after three attempts, you will be required to complete an approved CNA training program, prior to reattempting the state exam.

How to Get Your Florida CNA License For Cheap in 30 Days!


The best way to get your CNA license in the state of Florida is to challenge the CNA test. It’s best to take a CNA test prep course so that you are prepared to challenge the CNA test. Afterward, you should sign up for your CNA test, which can take 3 – 4 weeks to get a test date. If you’ve been studying and are well prepared you should pass your CNA test the first time. After you pass you will see your name listed on the Florida Nurse Registry’s website. Now you’re on your way to taking care of others and saving lives!

Prior to reading this article, were you aware that you could challenge the Prometric Florida CNA Test, to get your Florida CNA License?


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