Get Your CNA License in Florida: 7 Helpful Steps to Success!

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If you’re considering getting your CNA license in Florida there are many employment opportunities waiting for you. Here in Florida, the healthcare industry is continuously growing. As people continue to live longer and technology continues to advance the healthcare industry will continue to boom. From hospitals to assisted living facilities (ALF’s) the demand for healthcare workers such as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) grows daily.  If you’re interested in joining the healthcare field, consider getting your CNA license, it’s an entry-level position and typically requires no healthcare experience. Getting your CNA license in Florida is a fast and easy process. Here are the 7 Steps to getting your CNA License in the State of Florida.

1. Meet Requirements to Obtain a CNA License in Florida

To get your CNA license in Florida, you must be at least 18 years old, no high school diploma/GED is required. If under 18 years old, you must have a high school diploma/GED. All candidates must be able to pass a level 2 background check to be eligible for a CNA license in Florida.

2. Register & Attend CNA Classes in Florida

To prepare for the CNA test to get your CNA license in Florida, you should enroll in CNA Classes in your area. In the state of Florida, you can take CNA test prep classes that prepare you specifically to pass the CNA test.  If you’re in the Sarasota area you may register for CNA Test Prep Classes on our website,

Get Your CNA License in Florida

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3. Register with Prometric to Take the Florida CNA Exam

To register for the Florida CNA Test, visit Prometric. From there you will complete an online application and pay the testing fee of $155.  Next, Prometric will check to see if your level 2 background check has been received and approved, prior to assigning a test date. It can take 3-4 weeks to get a test date from Prometric.

4. Schedule an Appointment to get a Level 2 Background Check

Use a search engine like Google to find level 2 background check vendors in your area. Contact a vendor to schedule an appointment to get your level 2 background check completed. The cost can range from $80 – $100.

5. Receive a CNA Test Date from Prometric

Once your Level 2 Background Check has been deemed eligible,  Prometric will contact you via email. The email will include an admissions letter with your test date, time, and location of your testing site.

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6. Take Your CNA Test & Pass!

You should arrive to your testing site 30 minutes early and bring the appropriate documents including your admissions letter and a valid form of photo ID.  Be prepared to be at the testing site most of the day. Once, you complete both the written and clinical skills tests, you will get your test results at the end of your tests.

7. You’re Officially A Licensed CNA!

It takes approximately one week from the day you test for your scores to be sent from Prometric to the Florida Board of Nursing. Next, your name along with your CNA license number will be listed on the Florida Nurse Registry within 14 days. Then, it can take up to four weeks for the Florida Board of Nursing to issue and mail out your CNA certificate. You are required to renew your CNA license every 2 years.

Get Your CNA License in Florida

Learn More About Renewing Your CNA License in Florida.


Getting your CNA license in Florida is pretty simple. Meet the requirements, take CNA Classes, get a level 2 background check, register & take the CNA test and you”ll have your CNA license in Florida. Overall it’s a very affordable and fast process that can be completed in a month. After passing the CNA test, you’ll recive your CNA license in the mail and be listed on the nurse regsitry.

What are your goals once you get your CNA license in Florida?


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